Friday, 29 April 2016

Of course Labour are Jew-haters

'Taste' discrimination - discriminating against persons on the grounds of their sex or sexual orientation, skin colour, religion or race, is largely illegal. The biggest impact of these laws has been mainly in the half of the economy in which unfairness, nepotism, crooked practice and favouritism were rampant - the socialised public sector. Capitalism, you see, tends not to discriminate on taste grounds, but only on grounds of productive efficiency. The capitalist doesn't care what colour, sex or faith his widget-makers are, only that they're the cheapest and most productive widget-makers on the market. You'll generally only find taste discrimination at the smallest end of the enterprise economy - mom 'n pop stores, and now the ubiquitous Skleps. Harland and Wolff's total bar on employing Catholics was not on theological grounds but on the basis that the inhabitants around its shipyard were so deeply sectarian that to employ both was to reduce efficiency. 

It was London Transport of course in the late 50s / early 60s in a final desperate attempt to recruit native Londoners for the thousands of bus driver and conductor vacancies that published job adverts claiming frankly 'We don't employ Blacks'. Well, they failed to recruit white staff - and did exactly that, giving thousands of West Indian immigrants a real stake in our nation and society. And this sort of blatant taste discrimination in the public sector persisted well into the 1990s. My local borough recruited its entire refuse collection crews from three families - not a woman nor a black face amongst them. It made them, I was told informally, easier to manage. Their lucrative wedge was collectively negotiated with the three family heads. 

Whereas a manager working for shareholders simply doesn't have the freedom to indulge their anti-competitive and inefficient personal tastes, a public sector manager is free to employ as many inefficient, underskilled, non-productive and uneconomic workers as they wish. By 2005 when threats and widespread internal dissatisfaction had put an end to my Council's discriminatory employment practices to allow in a melange of races and even some women to the 'refuge' the result was a real fall in wages and an increase in productivity - as the CIPFA stats for those years painfully demonstrate. 

So the public sector, and its spiritual home the Labour Party, are quite free to vent their personal discriminatory tastes against Jews, Saxons, Catholics or whomever they wish. And such freedom attracts racists and zealots into the public sector and into the Labour Party. So of course Labour are Jew haters - what's the surprise?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I, too, believed the lying plods

In the Mail this morning I recommend Peter Oborne's account of the aftermath of the Hillsborough findings. Like Oborne, I too believed plod's account at the time (a lying travesty of evasion, distortion, invention and calculated dishonesy) which shamefuly the plods' lawyers even tried to maintain at the inquest. It wasn't as if I was stupid or naive or even trusted Plod; I'd trained as a mining engineer in south Yorkshire when the coal miners went on strike, and I'd seen at first hand the real suffering of folk in the pit villages around Doncaster and the bastardy of the drafted-in plods - Maggie's Army. I'd been stopped on the A1 regularly on the Friday night drive home to Suffolk every time plod spotted my safety gear in the car and knew what it felt like to be seconds away from the primitive threat of thuggish violence if you gave the wrong response, or cheeked them. One learned to be humble, contrite, apologetic and big-up the southern middle class accent.

I came across the same plods, this time experienced and combat-hardened, during the Wapping dispute in London. Driving from central to south London via Blackwall Tunnel meant running the gauntlet of checkpoints, and vans full of armoured plods with clubs round every corner. So when Hillsborough happened, I had no reasons to imagine plod was a creature elevated in any way from the extinct neanderthal primates. Yet I did believe their Hillsborough lies - that the fans were drunk, rowdy, that they were out of control, had rioted, and the 96 dead were none of Plod's fault. God forgive me.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Austrians surprise themselves

Austria's 'red and black' duopoly has, since the war, done very much the same as Labour and conservative in the UK. And as in the UK, the left has lost votes to a rebellious movement with a green tag, and the centrist conservatives to more traditional right wing movements. But no-one I think predicted the slaughter of the dying parties in the first round of the Austrian presidential election; between them they didn't even scrape 23% of the vote. 

The winner, Norbert Hofer, from the radical right is anti EU and pro gun, and in the home of Glock where a pistol or handgun license is as easy to get as a shotgun license in the UK, he's not the only resident to pack a G19.  

I think the second round next month may be less dramatic, and the entire non-right wing vote will unite behind the green candidate, Van der Bellen, to give Austria a new President - a largely symbolic figurehead here where most power is devolved to the Chancellor and Länder. 

Another very recent poll has given Chancellor Werner Faymann a 72% approval for his action in sealing the Balkans migrant route, a 180° about-turn from his previous alignment with Merkel. What is not in doubt is that the people of Austria are aligned with Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in their attitude toward migrants. 

And with the Summer invasion of migrants via Italy about to start, Faymann faces a stark choice; seal the Italian border effectively, or lose power completely. We could well see some very angry Italian and EU politicians this Summer, and squalid migrant camps around Polly Toynbee's Tuscan villa. 

Hey ho.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Will Cameron pay Obama for EU speech with the lives of UK troops to Libya?

Back on March 17th I wrote
There's a very funny smell hanging around Cameron, Obama, Libya and the 'stay' campaign right now. Firstly, the US President, whose every public word is guarded by a phalanx of PR experts, blames Cameron for leaving business unfinished in Libya. Then it's revealed that Obama will strongly support the 'stay' campaign. And now the leaks are starting that Obama wants boots on the ground in Libya before the end of his presidential term - that means this year. And Cameron has nothing left to lose. 

So one has to wonder if Cameron, like Blair, has already promised the US President that UK troops will fight in Libya alongside a US contingent - and whether Obama's support for the 'stay' campaign is the price for this.
Now in today's Telegraph the rather fab Penny Mordaunt's fine piece is bracketed with an exclusive interview with Hammond, explaining why UK troops should go to Libya.   

No doubt Obama demanded that Cameron demonstrate his side of the deal before the departure of Air Force One. Watch this space. 

If this is true, that lard-faced little man is even more contemptable than most people imagine. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Obama? Just another forgotten, mediocre office holder

American presidents fall into two classes - those remembered across the world for what they've achieved and the failures. Obama is an unashamed failure. He's done nothing at all in his time in office except make bad situations across the globe even worse. And as commentators have already made clear, this is a lame-duck leaving office with his head bowed in eight months. His passing will be missed neither by the United States or by we here in the UK. 

The USA is far greater than the failures of a weak and ineffective leader. And as his pic with a vacant, lard-faced Cameron on the doorstep of Number 10 is circulated, so is a YouGov poll that puts UK disapproval of his intervention at 53% whilst only 35% approve.   

Which shows that there may be just enough backbone left in this nation to resent taking lessons from a septic failure. And that the serpent now to be killed is the monstrous EU.

Happy St George's Day all 

We've been very naughty ...

I didn't intend it but should have foreseen it. A whimsical filler post last week on the celebrity superinjunction suggesting that they had been named in the non-existant print edition of the blog has so far got about 14,000 browser hits. 

This now surpasses the previous all-time most popular post, innocently but naively entitled 'women with large breasts and tattoos', about proposed cuts in non-essential treatments on the NHS, which to date has attracted 12,000 browser hits from around the globe from persons with a rather peculiar sexual fetish. But then I suppose the olive oil episode for the person referred to in the first paragraph would also fall into that category. 

Hey ho.  

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Of course Saudi officials were behind 9/11 - and I'll bet Blair knew

As Obama makes his ice-cold courtesies to the king of the barbarian head-choppers, the State Department is selectively releasing more and more little bits of evidence to the press that confirm that Saudi officials were complicit in 9/11. If Obama now releases a whole redacted section of the official report, smart comment is betting that this will expose KSA's involvement with Bin Laden and Al-Queda beyond doubt. 

The squirming and wriggling now taking place behind the scenes is the extent to which Bush, and importantly for us, Blair, knew about the extent of Saudi involvement when planning the invasion of Iraq. With Chilcot now winding up his interminable enquiry, we will see whether Blair and Dearlove and the Cabinet Secretary and the rest of them lied and lied about the run-up to the war. I expect the pressure on Washington to keep the redacted report secret must be intense. 

And more importantly, it suggests that every major policy decision since 2001 has been undertaken on a false premise; Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, all wrong. And all knowingly wrong. 

I cannot begin to suggest the ramifications of the US switching horses in the Middle East from the Salafist / Wahabbi  Sunni head-choppers and savage zealots to the priggish primitive crane-hangers and brutal thugs of Shia Persia and its allies. The crane-hangers love poetry and rose petals but with terror and a whip behind them. 

These are large tectonic plate movements. Obama has eight months left in office and a reputation for having achieved nothing. Maybe the earthquake is yet to come.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Don't throw away 1,000 years of freedom - VOTE OUT

In most of Europe 'Freedom' is something granted in limited terms to citizens under a code of laws by all-powerful States. In Britain it is our birthright, fought for over a thousand years and paid for with blood. In Britain, if there's not a law forbidding something, one can do it. In Europe, if there's not a clause in the legal codes permitting something, you can't do it. That's serfdom.

We've rejected the serfdom of European law many times. Let's not now waste what our forebears have fought so long and hard for.